Measuring Continuity

Your site’s page load performance is important (and there are tools like Boomerang to measure it), but how good is your visitor’s experience as they continue to interact with your site after it has loaded?

At Velocity 2016, Philip Tellis and I talked about how you can measure their experience (and emotion!) in Measuring Continuity:

Measuring Continuity

We cover how to capture a variety of user experience metrics such as:

  • Browser developer tools’ Timeline metrics such as FPS, CPU, network and heap usage
  • Interactions like user input, page visibility and device orientation
  • Complexity metrics including document size, node counts and mutations
  • User experience metrics like jank, responsiveness and reliability
  • Tracking emotion with rage clicks, dead clicks and missed clicks

Code samples for the talk are also available, and you can watch it on on YouTube.

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