August 1st, 2018

3rdParty.io is a new tool I’ve released to evangelize best-practices for third-party scripts and libraries:


3rdParty.io is a YSlow-like developer tool that’s designed to run best-practice checklists on third-party scripts and libraries. While YSlow and other great synthetic testing tools (such as Chrome’s Lighthouse) perform audits on entire websites, 3rdParty.io focuses on individual third-party JavaScript files, validating that they won’t slow down your site or cause compatibility or security concerns.

What exactly is a third party? Any JavaScript script, library, widget, snippet, tag, ad, analytics, CSS, font, or resource that you include in your site that comes from somewhere else.

Third-party scripts have the ability to break your site, cause performance problems, leave you vulnerable, and cost you money.

There are many great providers of third-party scripts out there who are following best practices to ensure that their content is secure and performant. However, not every third-party has followed best practices, and these mistakes can wreak havoc on your site.

3rdParty.io’s goals are to monitor popular third-party scripts, promote best practices, and to ensure that content providers can feel comfortable including third-party scripts and libraries in their site without worry.

There’s an existing library of third-parties that are being constantly validated (with many more being included soon).  You can click on any of them to get a breakdown of what they’re doing right, and how they can improve:

3rdParty.io mPulse

Each check (there are about 60 today) can be expanded to get details of why the check is important, and how it can be fixed:

3rdParty.io TAO check

You can run any third-party JavaScript library through the site via the home page.  Simply paste the JavaScript URL into the Check! bar:

3rdParty.io On Demand

Once you hit Check!, we will run an automated checkup within a few moments:

3rdParty.io On Demand Results

It’s still a work-in-progress, with a lot still to be done: adding more checks, making it more reliable, loading more third-parties into the database.  I would love your feedback!

Please check out the tool at 3rdParty.io!

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